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We develop innovative projects that bring value to society

INFODEF, Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training, is a private and independent center for Research, Development and Innovation. We design innovative tools, methodologies, products and services that respond to current social and economic challenges and enable to anticipate and drive the changes needed to achieve future goals and objectives in society.

Our projects :

  • Education and Training
  • Local and Regional Development
  • Employment, entrepreneurship and competitivies
  • Culture and Performing arts
  • Sustainability
  • Social Integration
Innovative projects

Cooperation and collaboration, tools for innovation

We firmly believe in INFODEF that cooperation and collaboration are the best tools both to foster innovation and to ensure its full use by society as a whole. For the development of our projects we work and collaborate with a wide network of public and private institutions, national and international, related to the areas of activity.

Education and Training

INFODEF supports the modernization of educational systems and the pedagogical innovativeness

We design and develop innovative methodologies and products for all educational fields, including formal, non-formal and informal education, which contribute to improving the quality and effectiveness of education and training, promote equality, social cohesion and active citizenship and boost creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Education and Training

Local and Regional Development

Shaping the future of our cities and territories

We contribute to the development of cities and regions through beneficial and innovative social, economic and environmental initiatives that seek to improve the quality of life of the population.

Our thematic activities cover local and regional development in its broadest sense and include urban and rural development, employment and social integration, training and professional insertion, democracy and citizenship, environment and resource efficiency, support for the competitiveness and internationalization of SMEs and businesses, transition to a low-carbon economy initiatives and the improvement of the research and innovation systems to overcome the gap between society and emerging technologies.

INFODEF contributes to implement the Europe 2020 Strategy at local and regional level through:

Smart growth

Boosting competitiveness by improving performance in:

  • education (encouraging people to learn, study and update their skills);
  • research/innovation (creating new products/services that generate growth and jobs and help address social challenges);
  • digital society (using information and communication technologies).

Sustainable growth

Making a more competitive low-carbon economy that makes efficient and sustainable use of resources. Protecting the environment, reducing emissions and preventing biodiversity loss. Capitalising on Europe’s leadership in developing new green technologies and production methods, harnessing EU-scale networks to give our businesses (especially small manufacturing firms) an additional competitive advantage and improving the business environment, in particular for SMEs.

Inclusive growth

Raising employment rates and more and better jobs, especially for women, young people and older workers. Helping people of all ages anticipate and manage change through investment in skills & training. Improve the labour markets and welfare systems. Ensure that the benefits of growth reach all territories and people.


We work for a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, in order to achieve a dignified life for all within the planet’s limits and reconciling economic efficiency, social inclusion and environmental responsibility is at the essence of sustainable development.

We collaborate with public administrations, companies, organizations and associations for the development of initiatives aimed at sustainable development, environmental conservation and energy efficiency, moving towards an effective cooperation strategy, in which stakeholders participate to treat all aspects from the perspective of sustainability and implement the necessary measures.

At INFODEF we approach sustainability through an integral perspective, developing projects and initiatives that address the strategic challenges of the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

Culture and Performing Arts

INFODEF supports the creative and cultural industries with a comprehensive approach and through a wide range of actions and initiatives

Nurturing an innovative ecosystem for cultural and creative industries

Cultural and creative industries are crucial for stimulating local development, contributing to employment, inclusion and territorial attractiveness. The creative economy has the potential to play a key role in addressing the Europe 2020 objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.