Presentation of the organization

In 2016, as an NGO, 'Caravan Human Resources Development and Youth Organisation' was created.Since its inception, the organization has been instrumental in implementing all relevant EU and national initiatives financed primarily in the areas of youth, adult education and culture. In order to increase the number of beneficiaries and have the most efficient information, we have been cooperating with music schools, recreation centres, sports and art clubs and labor offices in the local area. 'Karavan' is officially the representative of 'Turkey Masterpeace Clubs' on behalf of Turkey. It can be created by a small group of individuals such as social entrepreneurs, young change-makers, university students, NGOs or even a group of friends trying to become a sustainable force for peace. The club is an easy model to adapt. “MasterPeace Clubs” are “Masterpeace's” on-the-ground weapons, encouraging and mobilizing more inviduals to actively participate in peacebuilding and local-level conflict limitation.

The organization has been collaborating on the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, Adult and Education Programs. The project initiative seeks to provide youth on the streets with social inclusion through staff training through our youth work organization. We collaborate with and facilitate cooperation with schools, recreation facilities, sports clubs, labour offices, music schools and local authorities. It allows various social classes to spend their spare time efficiently and meaningfully (seniors, unemployed people, marginalized groups). It gives anyone the chance, regardless of age , gender, social, religious or political history. We collaborate with and facilitate cooperation with schools, recreation facilities, sports clubs, labour offices, music schools and local authorities. It allows various social classes to spend their spare time efficiently and meaningfully (seniors, unemployed people, marginalized groups).

It gives anyone the chance, regardless of age , gender, social, religious or political history. It is stated that the efficiency and progress of young education is not at the optimal standard, projects should be established to improve progress, it is planned that our young people get the exposure needed by the main significance in the execution of the projects, we are introducing to handle the negativities that which arise during the execution of the training.

We are promoting and engaging in the Initiative 'Empaty' as a 'Caravan Human Capital Creation and Youth Agency' and our young volunteer team visits the young facilities and disable individuals and students at schools on a daily basis. They cover their eyes with a bandage and select theri collaborators and strive to build and mobilize the same attitudes and activity to assist socialization. We have over 265,000 students and 100,000 university students in Samsun. Our team has some events to promote their evaluation of the well-being of young people in order to further help them organize some training courses with the cooperation of the '19 May University' in Samsun in their personal and professional advancement. For eg, we teach them how to write Erasmus proejct and jointinning proejct for their possible carrier and improve their work.

It is a strong opportunity for young people to reduce their depression and we encourage and support their personal and career growth.
By coaching young people with lack of self-confidence, inter-family contact gaps, puberty and social difficulties, we are suffering with young people, help them develop a sense of social competence and transparency, transform right questions at the right time, appreciate them, improve their personal and professional happiness, imaginative and inventive. With the aid of on-the-job assessment, our teachers are aimed at acquiring the expertise needed by the main value of applying the method and the detrimental consequences that may arise through the introduction of the coaching method in instruction.

The activities and expertise of the organization in areas relevant to the project and the skills of the key people involved in the project

In order to exchange good practices and develop cutting-edge approaches and tools to help the target audiences of the project, KARAVAN 's experience and know-how will be added to the project.
KARAVAN has considerable experience in the creation of projects, methodologies and material specific to the project's subject matter. KARAVAN is a distinctive organization composed of project experts and managers, which makes the organization special and distinct from all other related NGOs in the country.
The Chairmen, Assistants, Secretary and Principal Members are all project experts who have worked for years in the preparation and management of EU projects, in particular in the field of education and youth.

Cihan Kocaman has obtained foundational experience in a variety of various EU social initiatives (Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Youth and Erasmus+) and has accumulated the requisite awareness of national and international projects under EU initiatives. For more than 15 years, he has been very interested in the area of formal and non-formal education and in the area of active citizenship. He teaches and supervises schools and non-governmental organisations in the area of international cooperation and offers examples of good practice. It also leads, by following the ideals of sustainable growth, to the growth of regions and tourism.It contributes to building a bridge between education and the labour market by encouraging creative methods of education in diverse fields (The Erasmus + KA1 and KA2 programs have been applied)

The science teacher is Hasan Tenko?lu. He has a master's degree in Education in Chemistry. At the 8th International Computer and Instructional Technology Symposium, he presented a full-text article. In the Journal of Abant ?zzet Baysal University Faculty of Education, he has written articles. At the 10th Symposium for Computer and Instructional Technology, he presented two oral presentations. Presented orally at the 9th Education International Conference. He was the curator of the TUBITAK-supported UKIHO Science Festival. He has been involved in 'eTwinning projects' called 'The Story of My Name', 'Let’s Win 3, Cooking Book 4', 'Communication Between Students' and 'Middle-Age Literature and Painting Using Maths.'

Seyit Ahmet DKMEN: He received training for the project period, Erasmus + writing assignments and implementation training. He is the director of the Vocational Training and Technical Support Programs of SODES 'Yeni Bölümler Yeni Umutlar, which is announced by OKA (Middle Black Sea Devolopment Agency), which is responsible for grant programs in our regional R&D office. He also writes and executes IPARD and Civil Society Consultation projects. He has witnessed projects in KA101 and KA102.
Much of the main workers are teachers with expertise in diverse fields such as religion, sociology, literature, culture , arts, managerial education and EU ventures. In the area of education, they are involved. Special experts in the area of Orff Education are representatives of music teachers who collaborate with both teachers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts at the 19 May University.

Outcomes, the creation of new tools to define, assess and validate (basic, central, transversal and professional) competencies, the creation of innovative ICT-based tools, the design of work-based learning methodologies and activities, new tools to recognize and validate non-formal and informal learning, innovative teaching methods, entrepreneurship.
The development of novel methodologies and tools to promote the practices of practitioners engaging with diverse focus populations, such as young people, refugees, low-skilled individuals, people with disabilities, criminals and other non privileged populations, is one of KARAVAN 's key fields of expertise. Around 42,000 thousand refugees live in Samsun, and a total of 5725 refugee students are trained in schools under the provincial directorate.