Presentation of the organization

EDU 4 U is a non-governmental organization- association that was established to support and satisfy the educational, social and cultural needs of different target groups.The aim of the organization is to provide and promote the activities on local, national and international level in the field of education, social and cultural activities as well as to promote friendly relationship with foreign countries. The organization works in the town of Sečovce, in the eastern part of Slovakia, near Košice which was the European Capital of Culture in 2013. Our organization was established to enable different target groups to develop their personalities and become active in the society they live in.
The activities of our organization are divided into the following groups:

1. Education and after school activities
- to promote aktivities and education on different levels as well as lifelong education in different fields,
- to promote education of disabled and disadvantaged groups,
- to promote e-learning as an important educational tool,
- to promote education and create opportunities for marginal groups,
- to organize cultural, social and sport activities leading to the global education, development, cooperation and help,
- to promote cultural, sport and art activities,
- to create conditions and backgrounds for tourism and services and to promote our region.
2. Health protection and well-being:
- to promote healthy lifestyle and prevent illnesses through education,
- to promote safe and friendly educational environment and fight bullying.
3. Development of social responsibility:
- to promote democratic principles and values,
- to promote communication and dialogue in community,
- to promote communication and cooperation on national as well as international level in different fields of life.

Our association contributes to the understanding of European citizenship and encourages principles of building united Europe. It actively contributes to the development of the regions, but also to the development of tourism, while maintaining the principles of sustainable development.

The activities and expertise of the organization in areas relevant to the project and the skills of the key people involved in the project

EDU 4 U promotes international cooperation and intercultural dialogue, guidance and counselling in personal and professional life as well as it makes the bridge between the education and labour market by adopting innovative methods of education and providing second chance education and requalification. EDU 4 U cooperates and promotes collaboration with and among schools, leisure centres, sport clubs, labour offices and municipal authorities. It encourages different social classes (seniors, unemployed people, marginal groups) to spend their free time effectively and meaningfully. It provides the opportunity for all no matter the age, gender, social, religional and political background. EDU 4 U pays special attention to the people that are disadvantaged from geographical, social, cultural or medical point of view

EDU 4 U also provides cooperation between schools and future potential employers with the aim to reduce unemployment. EDU 4 U provides activities for the youth with the aim to prevent negative social phenomena like early school leaving, crime, violence and addictions. It encourages the youth to spend their free time actively, effectively and usefuly to develop their personality in many aspects. The legal representative has been involved in international projects since 2005. She has been the coordinator of former Comenius and Leonardo school partnership projects as well as the school exchanges and etwinning projects. She also participated in the Model of UNESCO in Buenos Aires, Argentina and prepares students for this event. She´s been preparing students for exchanges and project meetings abroad and organizing project meetings in the school for the project partners.

She´s got the experiences in preparing people for mobility from cultural,linguistic and social sides. The other key persons are active in the field of education. They work at Secondary school and apart from that focus on carreer guidance for students. They also have experiences in international projects as being the members of the project team. As all key staff are active in working with the youth they especially focus on the activities to promote effective and useful spending free time. The key staff is active in the field of formal education as well as in non-formal education as they provide activities for spending free time of the youth. They are the people who have experiences with organizing cultural, social and sport activities.