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Presentation of the organization

VsI Inovaciju biuras (Innovation Office) creates supportive environment for people’s activity, creativity and innovations. Although Innovation Office’s main focus is on creativity and entrepreneurship, however organization encourages people to be active in many fields as innovations could be grown only if person has open mind and has broad point of view, especially it is important not only in regular business, but also in social entrepreneurship. Innovation Office is 6 years old and already implemented/is implementing about 80 various EU funded projects such as “Set your business now!”, “Ideas into Action: Entrepreneurship for youth workers based on local economy needs“, “Competition “Create county” (International Name “for the Create Region”, which is adapted to national Member States)”, “Bees inspired”, “Create for Region” etc.

The activities and expertise of the organization in areas relevant to the project and the skills of the key people involved in the project

Innovation Office acting as Incubator for Good Ideas, supports youth entrepreneurship, runs such long-term projects as Online Youth Newspaper, database of scholarly articles, social business Relative Art ( Other projects of good ideas are under developing stage. Here in incubator, young people are working on their joint business ideas, personal projects and implement them. In the case, they are learning by doing. The organization works with youth, encouraging them to try new things and gain real experience through internship or volunteering.

Innovation Office encourages people to make changes step-by-step, in order to grow innovations inside themselves. Our organization consists of very enthusiastic members, other people (more than 200) are involved in organization activities in non-formal way. Institution has flat organizational structure with elements from team and network organizations. While developing different projects, Innovation Office has very good connections with different types of organizations both national and international: NGOs, different kind of associations, universities, public bodies, companies, adult education institutions, etc.
Rasa Žilionė - director of VsI Inovaciju biuras, is Master of Management and Business Administration (2006), Bachelor of Information Technology (2004), Bachelor of Management and Business Administration (2003), PhD studies at Kaunas University of Technology.

The major fields of R. Žilionė’s research are Service Innovation, Client Relationship Management, Social Media. R. Žilionė has experience in development and implementation of various projects, both national and international (co-financed by Erasmus+, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, NordPlus, Europe for Citizens programmes and other funding sources), trainer of entrepreneurship, expert in e-learning. Vaidas Žilionis - Master of Informatics (2006), Bachelor of Information Technology (2004). He is experienced in information and communication technologies, therefore is responsible for ICT projects. V. Žilionis has huge experience in working with various projects related to ICT and web development.

Gamification, Digitalization and Practical Tools for Developing Circular Economy Skills

("Evelina Šidagytė works as project coordinator at VsI Inovaciju biuras and as medical psychologist in mental health care area. She has a Master degree in Psychology (2016, Vilnius University) and experience in various projects, which are mostly oriented into solving social issues (coordinator, researcher at Erasmus + educational project 'Apprentice Preparation Training – New Approaches in Managing the Transition from Education to Employment', psychologist at ESFA project „Discover Yourself“ (individual consultations and assessment for young people for a profession or job choice), individual psychological counselling for people who are experiencing a psychological crisis at Crisis Intervention Centre and Health Care Center, psychologist at school (responsible for psychological well-being at school, professional orientation, psychological assessment and counselling)").